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Whether you are looking for an uplifting and engaging keynote presentation, a couple of training workshops, or a full day seminar, Amy is capable of catering her sessions to meet your needs!
Some of the most popular sessions include:
The Science of Art and "BIG" pictures
Participate in a hands-on art exploration workshop incorporating science.  Some activities will include: pendulum painting, catapult painting, centrifugal painting, gravity paints, spin art, melting paint, snap painting, fizzing sidewalk paint..... and so much more!
The Art of Creating- Celebrating the Process of Art
Join us for hands on, fun, easy, process art activities you can use with the children tomorrow. Learn how to make your own art supplies, great recipes for: finger paints, watercolors, chalk, chalkboard paint, sidewalk paint, etc. Recycle and process at the same time with unique tools and techniques.
Take It Outside! Creating an Outdoor Classroom
Who said an outdoor play area needed to cost a million bucks? Join us for an inspirational discovery of outdoor spaces from around the world, featuring big ideas on a small budget. Learn how you can incorporate spaces and activities into your outdoor environments to enrich the opportunities for the children in your care for little or no cost.
It's not Rocket Science, but Sometimes It Feels Like It!
Why is science so scary? Science is all around us. Breakdown the fear barrier and join us for a hands on discovery of simple science experiments you can do with children. Review the basics of the scientific method and walk away with easy techniques and fun ideas you can incorporate with your children tomorrow.
  That's Life! Encouraging Scientific Observation with Life Cycles
As concrete learners, children learn through their direct observation and experiences. Learn about various science observations and activities related to the life cycles of plants, butterflies, frogs, chickens, and more! (This workshop works best at a location where milkweed is available as we will be hunting for Monarch eggs).
"Sense"-ational Learning Fun
Join us for a hands-on recipe share of sensory exploration and fun for children of ALL ages. Make slimes, goops, putty, playdough and so much more…Over 100 ideas for your sensory explorations both in and out the table! Don’t have a table? No problem, we will give you the plans to make a couple of different styles. Please come dressed for messy play!
 Websites, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter Oh, My!!!  Early Childhood Social Networking
Have you ever thought about starting a website for your childcare business or writing a blog? This work session will give you free tools you can use to promote your business and share your ideas. Information in regard to early childhood education social networking through Facebook and Twitter will also be provided. Please bring a laptop if you have one and/or any information and photos you would like to use to start your webpage. (Creation of webpage or blog is not necessary, but you will be given the opportunity to create during the training session.)
 Wait! Don’t Throw That Out!
Are you a curbside collector? Are you suffering from “bag lady syndrome?” Join us for a hands-on workshop exploring opportunities to upcycle and recycle household items for early childhood learning fun!
Wintertime Snow- GET OUT and GO!
We live in a winter wonderland. Let’s face it, getting outside and staying energized in the winter can sometimes be a challenge. Join in for an interactive session packed with activities and tips to get you re-energized about outdoor winter play! We will spend time exploring activities and discussing ways to energize yourself, staff, and the children you work with about our wonderful winter!
Sensory and Science Experiences from the Start!
Infants and Toddlers are natural scientists; they learn and grow through their experiences with the world around them! Join in for a hands-on workshop exploring ways to integrate early sensory and science experiences for our youngest learners! Although this workshop focuses primarily on activities for younger children many of the activities could easily be extended and elaborated to engage older children as well.
 “Care”frontations: Stocking your Communication Tool Box for those “Tough Talks”
As an early childhood professional, you wear many hats. This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to practice your communication skills and prepare yourself for a wide range of situations where you are required to resolve conflict and talk about issues that may not be easy to address. Often times as providers, we have to confront parents about policies and/or issues of concern with child development.  Role play scenarios will allow participants to tackle issues such as comforting first time parents in regard to childcare choices, addressing developmental delays/concerns, behavioral issues, enforcement of policies/procedures, etc.   (Participants are encouraged to email the instructor prior to the session if there is a particular scenario they would like to see addressed).
101 Ways to Paint Without a Brush!
Process art and exploration are so important! This hands on session works to remind us of the importance of process based experiences and to think outside of the box when creating simple art experiences for young children.

ALL ABOARD!!!! Full STEAM Ahead- Powered by Play!!!!!
Did you know???... Play is the whole package! Children learn through their interaction with the environment, they crave, need, and thrive through play! In this hands on, interactive session you will have the opportunity to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics through the eyes of a child as you play your way through the classroom! Participants will walk away with simple, easy ways to encourage STEAM based activities in your play-based classroom! 

"Just" Another 4-Letter Word! 
“I’m just a home daycare provider/preschool teacher/stay at home mom....”
“The children are “just” playing” Sound familiar? For some reason many of us in the field do not give ourselves or our profession the respect that is deserved. When we use the word “just” it seems as though we aren’t doing much, when in reality—We are doing some of the most important work out there! Take some time to share stories, build confidence and work towards advocacy for our profession and the importance of play!   

Journey to Play

Being an early childhood professional can be exhausting... The amount of conflicting information out there is clearly overwhelming. We all want to do what is best for the children in our care, but it is hard. It is difficult to know exactly what to listen to, and CHANGE is hard! We know in our hearts that play is how children learn, yet many of our practices don't always reflect our beliefs. In this workshop we will spend some time reflecting upon our own personal play journeys, evaluate our own belief systems and take some time to action plan for the future.
Light that Fire! (and keep it burning!)

As caregivers, our passion can sometimes lead us into some stressful situations. The day to day tasks sometimes overwhelm us and the stress leads us to burn out. I forget who said it, but we all need to remember... "The good thing about being burnt out means that at one time- You were on fire!" This workshop is geared toward finding what keeps our fire burning, how to manage stress and how to bounce back from burnout! 

Additional topics and sessions available- please contact Amy for more information. 

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